Anna Löw

Expertise in:
Founder Conflicts, First Hires/Team Expansion, Mediation
English, German
Time Zone:
W. Europe Standard Time
€2.00/min (incl. 20% VAT)

Simple solutions and mediation to overcome founder and team conflicts that plague a large percentage of young companies.

It's a sad fact that conflicts in companies lead to a loss-loss situation for all. This is especially true for young companies that are already challenged by so many other topics that an additional conflict often leads to failure and collapse. With her extensive HR experience consulting for large established and her current focus on assisting younger companies and startups Anna turns problems into potentials and creates a win-win for all with simple methods, workshops and mediation techniques. Have you reached a point where you want to expand the team but have never hired anyone before? Anna is a HR generalist and will guide you through the important points to set you up for success. Since every company has it's own culture your hiring and personnel development must cater for your specific needs and Anna will help you figure them out.

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