1. Schedule a call

Find the right expert for you. Suggest 3 possible dates and times that suit you the best. Specify your the matter of calling and we will take care of the rest. We will get back to you in the following 24 hours for confirmation.

2. Wait for confirmation

You will get a confirmation email from us, where you can find all the needed access data for your call. Feel invited to put the appointment in your agenda and think about what answers do you need the most. Preparing a list of questions and topics is always a good strategy for a more productive call.

3. Join the expert in a virtual meeting

Get connected and let all the needed answers come to you. After the conversation is over, you will get charged the expert's per minute rate. It is advisable to leave a rating and a review of the conversation. That would help us to keep the quality level high.

House rules

It's important to be friendly and not waste anyone's time. That's why we have some simple house rules we ask you to follow.

Rule #1

Be punctual. When we set up your call, join about 1-2 minutes before. You will be charged from the time your scheduled call is supposed to start. If you miss the call the minimum of 15 minutes is charged.

Rule #2

Experts are advised not to upsell you on any products or services. You're paying for their advice not for their marketing pitch. If you do encounter any problems feel free to contact us.

Rule #3

Prepare ahead of time. We want you to get the best out of your call. Of course this is not so much a rule as just good advice. Think about your problem, write down thoughts or constraints you have, so you can present them in the call.

Frequently asked questions

What is a virtual meeting?
We will schedule a GoToMeeting for you and the expert. This allows you to screen share if you like but also conduct a normal audio conversation with optional webcam.

When do I have to pay?
When you complete the call we will send you an invoice and let you pay online.

How much will I have to pay?
You pay a minimum of 15 minutes per call but then we charge you per minute. Each expert can define their own price per minute which you can see on their details page.