Ralph Riecke

Expertise in:
Funding, Startups, Business Models
English, German
Time Zone:
Dateline Standard Time
€2.00/min (incl. 20% VAT)

Investor perspective on funding topics including business modelling, go-to-market approach and structuring of market size.

Ralph is a Senior Investment Manager at hub:raum Berlin. His responsibilities are identifying and selecting the best startups to join the Incubator and helping the portfolio teams to grow their business and achieve further financing. He has many years of marketing and sales experience in and for international corporations, worked e.g. at a mobile, social community startup in Berlin and a San Francisco based management consultancy focusing on ICT innovation scouting and management. He holds a graduate degree in strategic communication & planning, is a business coach and gained international work experience in Europe, the USA and with clients in the Middle-East. Ralph is fascinated by innovative business models and startup ideas, loves Skateboarding and living in Berlin.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/ralphriecke Profile: http://foundersexperts.com/ralph-riecke
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